Guys, guys! Calm down!

It’s okay if people don’t ship Pierre/David! It may seem odd because we love the pairing so much and see no flaws, but people have different opinions.

So let’s all just take deep breaths and stop the fighting.


Okay. Good.

Astronauts tomorrow we have to trend #HottBaguettesBirthdaySex and #HapPierreBouvierDay for Pierre’s bday, who is in? spread the word, we all have to do this

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He’s lying. We all know how much much Pierre loves fondeling David.

Spread the word:


on wednesday we’re trending


reblog, tweet it DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO,

we have to trend it

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My absolute favorite Hott Baguette fic. Not mine, found it on slash_theplan


Planet David Flavour (NC-17)

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Love this one!

"You cant have good sex unless you communicate, and now me and Pierre communicate alot and the sex is great."

— David Desrosiers (via summerparadisewithpierre)

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